Using Bluetooth accessories       

Bluetooth Accessories             

Bluetooth  allows  you  to  connect  a  variety    of  wireless  devices  to  your  iPad, such  as  keyboards, speakers, and  headsets. You  can  turn  Bluetooth  on  with  just  a  few  taps, and  before  you  know  it  your  iPad  will  have  expanded  functionality.

Pairing  a  device

  1. Open  the  settings  app. You  can  use  Bluetooth  to  wirelessly  connect  a  variety  of  accessories  to  your  iPad. Supported  accessories  include Bluetooth   keyboards, hands-free  headsets, wireless  speakers  and  Bluetooth  remotes.
  2.  Tap’  Bluetooth ‘. It is  disabled  by  default  to  conserve  battery.
  3.  Tap  the  ‘Bluetooth’  slider  to  toggle  it  on. Your iPad will begin searching for devices.
  4. Set your device to be discoverable. In order  to  connect  most  devices  via  Bluetooth, the  devices  needs  to  be  set  to  be  discoverable.
  5. Tap your accessory in the list. Making sure  that  the  device  is  within  range  of  the  iPad.
  6. Input  the  passkey  or  pin  if  requested.(check  your  accessory’s  documentation  or  look  it  up  online  for  exact  instructions  for  pairing  it)
  7.  Wait  for  the  pairing  to  complete, it  takes  a few  moments. Your  iPad   and  the  device  will now  connect  automatically  if  they  are  both  on  and  in  the  same  vicinity.

Using Bluetooth devices:

  1. Route  your  face time  through  your  device . When  you  receive  a  face time call, answer  it  using  your  Bluetooth  headsets  answer  button  to  use  the  device  during  the  call. Answering  through  the  app  will  use  the  iPads  speaker  and  mic.
  2. Play  music  through  Bluetooth  speakers .If  you  have  connected  these speakers  or  have  connected  your  iPad  to  your  car  stereo, any  music  that  you  play  will automatically  be  rooted  through  this device.
  3. Disconnect  your  device if  you  don’t  want  your  device  to be paired  to  the  iPad  anymore.(Bluetooth  devices  can  only  be  paired  to  one  host  at  a time, so  you  will  need  to  unpair  when  you  want  to  use  it  on  another  device.)
  4. Turn  off  Bluetooth  when  you  aren’t using  it  since  it  will  put  extra  strain  on  your  battery.


Enjoy using your Bluetooth accessories!


View Photos Using Airplay


You can now view Photos Using airplay. In addition,  you  can  send  whatever  you’re  looking  at  on  your  iPad  directly  to  your  apple  tv, including  the  pictures  and  videos  in  your  photos  app. You’re  only  ever  a  few  steps from  taking  your  photos  from  the  small  screen  in  your  hand  to  the  big  one.

If  you  own  an  apple TV  then  airplay  is  potentially  one  of  the  coolest  new  features for  the  iPad.  This app  allows  you  to  stream  content  from  your  iPad  to  your  TV  screens  via  apple  tv. Using  airplay  to  stream  your  photos  from  the  iPad  is  easy  once  you know  and  have  the  requirements  to  make   streaming  work  e.g. an  apple  tv, iPad  and  same  local  Wi-Fi  network  for  your  device  and  apple  TV.

How  to  use  airplay  to  stream  photos  from  the  photos  app:

When  you  first  open  the  photos   app, in  order  to  see the  airplay  button  you  must  open  an  album  or  your  entire  photo  library  and  tap  on  an  individual  photo. Once  you’ve  done  that  you’ll  see this  button  at  the  top  right  of the  screen.

Tap  on  the  airplay  button  and  you’ll  be  presented  with  a small popover  where  you  toggle  the  display  to  either  your  iPad  or  to  apple  tv. You  can  also  make  use  of  the  airplay  button  from  within  a  photos  slideshow.

How  to  share  photos  and  videos    from  your  iPad  on  your  apple  TV:

  • Launch photos from your iPad home screen
  • Find the photo or video you want to share.
  • Tap on the share button.
  • Choose the apple TV you want to airplay to. Enjoy.


For now, you can stream YouTube videos, some of your own videos taken with an iPhone (though via a fairly convoluted process), audio from the iPod app and 3rd party apps that have been updated to support this app, and photos. Audio and photos are my two favorite things to stream so far. Who doesn’t love seeing all your latest shots of family and friends on a great big screen, especially with no need for cables.


Mirroring the iPad Screen


There  are   a  number  of  ways  to  hook  up  your  iOS device  to  the  television  screen; both  wired  and  wireless. Mirroring  the  iPad  screen  to  your  television  when  you  have  an   apple  box  is  as  simple  as  setting  up  your  Apple  TV and hitting  a  few  buttons  your  iPad. if  you  want  to mirror  your  iPad  screen  without  an  Apple TV though  ,you  will  have  to  work  a  bit  harder.



The  simplest  solution  to  get  your  ipad’s  video   to  show  on  your  television  screen  is  to  use  a  hardware  adapter. Check  the  back  of  your  television  set  or  its  manual to  find  out  which  types of  plugs  are  supported  and  read  video  cables  explained. Consider  buying  an  adapter  that  will  plug  into  your  ipad’s  charging  port  and  provide  an  HDMI  hook up. you  can  then  use  an  HDMI cable  to  attach   your  ipad  device  to  your  television.

This  is  probably  the  easiest  way  to  mirror  both  the  video  and  audio  of  your  ipad  device  to  your  television.


Use a third-party program to mirror your computer screen. Options include air server and reflector. Both  allow  your  computer  to  work  as  an  airplay  receiver, so  you  can  use  the  airplay  function  on your  iOS  device  to  mirror  your  iPad  display  to  your  computer  display. From  there  you  can  hook  your  computer  to  your  television  with  an  HMDI  cable.


If  you  have   an  apple  TV  at  home, this  process  gets  less  convulated. You  simply  stream  your   iPad’s  image  to  the  apple  tv. Supported  applications, like  apples  own  video  app, or  in fact  any  web  video, will  show  an  airplay  icon  when  there’s  an  apple  TV  connected  to  your  local network. Pressing  the  airplay  icon  and  selecting  your  apple  TV  will  start  wirelessly streaming  your  screen.

Mirroring iPad Screen


If  you don’t  have   apple  TV  and  many  iOS users  ,there  are  methods  out  there  that  will  allow   Mirroring the iPad   screen    display  to  your  television screen

Being more mobile with handoff


Apple  is  heavily  pushing  its  new ‘continuity’  features  in  OS X Yosemite   that  improve  cross-platform  integration  between  iOS and  the mac. The  most  significant  of  the  continuity  features  is  handoff, which  allows  OS X and  iOS users  to  start  a  task  on  one  device  and  swap  to  another  one  nearby  to  continue  work.

Handoff  can  be  used  for  a  number  of  different  activities, including  email, web  browsing, messaging, and  more. users  can  begin  composing  an  email  on  iPad  and  finish  it  on the  their  mac. Maps  and  websites  work  in  a  similar  fashion, as  users  can  load  up  content  on  one  device  and  look at  it  on  another.

You  will need  iOS 8.1  and  OS X  Yosemite  in  order  to  use  handoff  ,making  sure that  both  your  mac  and  ipad  are  logged  into   the  same  icloud  account.

Setting up handoff:

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your iPad and mac
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPad and mac
  3. Turn on  handoff  on your  iPad  and mac.allow  this  handoff  between  this  mac  and  your  iCloud  devices
  4. You  may  now  begin  using  handoff  by  launching a compatible  app  on  your  mac  or  iOS  device  and  swapping to  another  to  see  your  content. For  example, try  launching  safari   on your  Mac  and  then  switch  to  your  iPad. On  your  iPad’s  lock  screen, you  should  see  a small safari  icon  in  the  lower  left  corner. Slide  up  to  launch  safari  and  the  ions  app   will  display  the  same  website  as  seen  on  your  mac.

You  can  also  see  a  handoff-enabled  app  through  the  multitasking  switcher  by  double-pressing  your  home  button  and  scrolling  to  the  left. Handoff  works  in  a  similar  fashion  when  transitioning  from  an  iOS device  to  a  mac. On  the  mac,  set-up-continuity-handoff-between-your-mac-iphone.w654


a  handoff-compatible  app  will  be  displayed  on  the  left-most  side  of  the  dock. Clicking  on  the  app  in  the  macs  dock  will  load  the  same  content  as  seen  on  an  Ios device.


Setting up iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain

iCloud  keychain  keeps  track  of  your  various  account  usernames  and  passwords  for  you  so  that  you  only  have  to  remember   one  password, instead  of  dozens. iCloud Keychain is Apple’s attempt to make a basic level of password management available to the mainstream. With it, your account names, passwords, and credit cards numbers can be stored in iCloud, and synced across all iOS 7 and OS OS X Mavericksdevices that are logged in under the same Apple ID.

Setting iCloud keychain for the first time:

Step 1…Go to settings   then iCloud then keychain.

Step 2..Toggle  the  switch  on.

Step 3…Type in a favour-digit code that is easy to remember. You  will  need  to  remember  this  code, as  well   as  your  apple  ID password.

Step 4..when  prompted, type  in  a  phone  number  that will  be  able  to  receive  SMS messages  when  you  need  to  activate  a  new  device.

Adding a device to sync with iCloud keychain:

You  can  add your  iPad  to  the  iCloud keychain  and  all  of  your  account  and  password  information  will  be    synced  across all  devices.

On  iOS

  1. Go to settings then iCloud then keychain.
  2. Toggle the switch on.
  3. Tap  ‘approve  with security  code’  and  enter the  four-digit  code  you  created  when  setting  up  iCloud  keychain  for  the  first  time.
  4. An SMS will   be  sent  to  the  phone  number  that  you  added  for  activating  a new  device ,when  you  receive the  text, enter  the  six-digit  verification  code.


You  can  also  set  up iCloud keychain  in  OS X mavericks


  1. Go to apple menu then system preference then iCloud.
  2. Select keychain.
  3. Set a  password  to  unlock  your  screen  after  sleep  or  skip  this  step.
  4. Enter your apple ID and password.
  5. Enter  the  four-digit  code  you  created  when  setting  up  iCloud  keychain.
  6. An  SMS message  will  be  sent  to  the  phone  number  that  you  added  for  activating a new  device. When you receive the text, enter the six –digit verification code.


Enjoy your iCloud Keychain!

Printing from your iPad-Airprint


There  are a  few  different  ways  to  print  documents  and  images  from  your  iPad. Airprint  is  the  most  common  and  powerful  way  ,as  it is  integrated  with  almost  all apple apps. You  can  also  use HP ePrint  by  installing  your  printer.  Install  the  ePrint  app, select  the  printer, register  your  email  and  cloud  services  then  print  your  document.

Another  method  is  google  cloud  print. First  install  your  printer, then  open  chrome  on  your  computer, select  settings , select  your  printer  from  the  list. Your  printer  is now  ready  for  cloud  printing, open  google  chrome  on  your  iPad, then  print  your  page  or  document.

Airprint Method

  1. Install the printer. In order to  print  to  an  airprint  printer, it  must  be connected  to  the  same  wireless  network  as  your  iPad. Each  printer  has  a  specific  way  to  connect  it  to  the  network, but  generally  you’ll need  to  need  to  ensure  that  the  network  name  and  password  are  entered correctly.
  2. Open  the  item  you  wish  to  print  .on  your  iPad,open  the  item. You  can  only  use  airprint  with  progress  that  supports  it, such  as  safari, mail, pages  and  photos.
  3. Click  the  button  .this  button  is  located  on  the  top  bar  of the  program  screen  and  looks  like  a rectangle  with  an arrow  coming  out,this  button  will open  a menu  of  actions  you  can  perform. Select  the  print  button. Then in  pages,click  the  wrench  icon  to  open  the  settings  menu. Tap  share  and  print ,then click  print  from  this  menu.
  4. Select your printer. If you have  more  than  one  airprint  printer  on  the  network, choose  the  one  that  you  wish  to  print  from. Select  the  number  of  copies  you  want  to  print ,then  tap  the  print  button. (if  you  don’t  see  your  printer, make  sure  that your  iOS  device  and  your  printer  are  both  connected  to the  same  Wi-Fi  network  and  you’re  within  range)

airprintWhile  printing  ,you  can  watch  your  print  jobs  or  cancel  them  through  the  app  switcher. Just double-click the home button and tap the printer.  Airprint is the best!



Using  iCloud  Drive 


As long  as  you’re  signed  into  your  iCloud  drive  account, any  apps  that support  iCloud  drive  will give  you  options  to  open  and  save  documents  to  it. Not  only  can  you  choose  to  save  documents  and  files  to  iCloud  drive  from  scanner  pro,  but also  you  can  navigate  through  folders  and  choose  where  you’d  like  to  save  them.

Enabling  iCloud  drive  manually  on  iPad,you’ll  first  launch  the  settings  app on  your   iPad  running  ios 8  or  higher. Tap  on  iCloud drive  then  turn  on  the  option  for  the drive drive.

Using  iCloud  drive  for  iPad;

You will use  apples  cloud-based  storage  area  for  your  files introduced  with  OS X Yosemite  and  iOS files. The files placed  in  iCloud  drive  are  automatically   and  invisibly  synced ‘ to  the  cloud’ files already  there. The edited  are  also  synced  as  soon  as  you  save. This means the file is copied to iCloud drive online. The  file  is  downloaded  to  the  iCloud  drive  of  any  macs  signed  into  the  same  apple ID  and  the  file  is  made  accessible  to  ions  and  some  ios  apps  sync  with  iCloud  drive  when  you  open  them.

ICloud  drive  must  be  activated  on  each  ios  device  and  mac. On  your  iPad,you  may  need  to  open  the  settings  app ,tap  iCloud,then  iCloud  drive  and  toggle  the  switch; on  OS X Yosemite  and  later  you’ll  need  to  open  system  preferences. Click  iCloud  and  put  a  tick  alongside  the  entry  in  the  list.184397 (1)

Enjoy using your iCloud drive!


Using  iCloud  Photos  Library


iCloud  photo  library    stores  all  your  pictures  and  videos  on  apple’s  servers.This  makes it  available   to  you  on  all  your  devices. To  accomplish  this, iCloud  photo  library  works  with  photos  for  iOS and photo   for os x  as  the  glue  that  holds  everything  together.

If you take  a  picture  with  your  iPad, it  goes  up  to  apples servers  and  is  made available  on all  your  other  devices. That is when you let part  backup, part sync and part  storage  optimizer. iCloud  photo  library  can  make  micromanaging  your  pictures  and  videos easy.

Family  sharing-due  to  debut  with  OS x Yosemite-should  bring  a  measure  of  sanity  to  households  full  of    apple  devices. Just  as  many  iPads, each  member  of  the  family  will be able  to join  the  family  sharing   group. If this becomes real then anyt member  of  this  group  will be able  to  download  almost  any media  bought by  any  other  member  of the  group. This will be  without  sharing  apples  ID’s or  passwords. It will allow family photo albums, calendars among others, thus iCloud  photo  library  is necessary.

With the apples next generation cloud, there are some new photos features apart from iCloud  photo  library. The  photos  app  is  getting  an  overhaul  that  combines  iPhoto  for  iOS’s editing  tools  with  a  fully  functioning  cloud-storage  locker  for  your  images. For  starters, any  photo  you   take   and  store  in  the iCloud  photo  library  will be  automatically uploaded  to  iCloud. Thus, your  images  and  videos  are  stored  at full resolution  and  in  their  original  formats..All of those images will be on any iOS device or on the web.


Luckily ,apple  is  adding  a smart  search  feature  and  a favorite button, the  search  field  will initially  prompt  you  with  a collection  of  nearby  photos, images taken  at  the  same  time  last  year  and  all time  favorite. There  will be  new  editing  features  for  images, you’ll be  able  to  use  a  bevy  of  iPhoto-inspired  features  ,all of  those  edits  sync across  your devices, so  that the  fixed  image  appears in  your  library  immediately. Hurry and use iCloud  photo  library!

Share with airdrop-Transfer your Files Easily

Airdrop lets you transfer  files   quickly  and  easily   between  iPhones  and  iPads . It  uses  Bluetooth  low  energy  to  broadcast, discover  and  negotiate  connections. Airdrop also uses point-to  point  Wi-Fi  to  transfer  information. That makes it power efficient, fast and secure. When  you  are  using  it  between  iPhones  and  iPads,you  can  airdrop  photos, videos, contacts, voice  memos,map  location  and  everything  else  that  appears  on a  share  sheet.

How to enable or disable airdrop on   your iPad.

  1. Launch  control  center  by  swiping
  2. turn-on-airdrop-ios-7   your  finger  up   from  the  button  bezel  of  your  iPad.
  3.  Make sure both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are active.
  4. Tap on the app.
  5. Choose the contacts only or everywhere.

If  you  choose  contacts  only, you  and  anyone  you  want  to  share  with  needs to  be  logged  into  iCloud. It  will check  both  your  iCloud accounts, then  if  there’s  a match  ,it  will show  you  your  own  version of  the   contact  on  your  device, that  way, no  data  gets  leaked.


How to transfer files between iPhone and iPad with airdrop

  1. Find  the  file  you’d  like  to  send  to  airdrop.
  2. Tap the share button.
  3. Choose  the  contact  you’d  like  to  drop to.
  4. Once it finishes you should see a sent message underneath it.

How  to  use  airdrop  to  share  files between  macs  and  ios  devices.

You’ll  need  iOS 7  or  later    and  OS X Yosemite  in  order  to  use  this app to  transfer  files  between  iOS device. Both iOS  devices  must  be  powered  on  and  not  locked  in  order  to  make  airdrop  file  transfers.


  1. Turn  on  Wi-Fi  on  your  iPad  and  mac. Airdrop  will  still   between  the  Mac  and  an  iOS device  even  if  both  are  using  different  wifi  networks.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPad and Mac .
  3. Now, turn  on  airdrop  on  your  iPad  and  mac. Then  click ‘allow  me  to  be  discovered by’, choose  contacts  only  or  everyone.
  4. You  may  now  begin  using  the app   to transfer  files   between  a  Mac  and  the  iPad  using  apps  that  share  feature  built –in. AirDrop-Mac-screenshot-001

Hope you got it all well. Enjoy your services!



Evernote a great app, for a service that has been around for awhile. It works well, and the combination of this with the premium service is, well, powerful. I think it’s clear at this point that Evernote is a solid piece of software, making a lot of peoples lives easier. The searching capabilities, and sharing push it to the next level. The UI is simple to use, and it really is easy to figure everything out.

The internet is swarmed with different kinds of apps that help people perform activities that they engage in on a daily basis. The apps are designed to be compatible with most mobile devices with each varying in size depending on which device you download them in. One such app is Evernote; it as an app that helps in syncing all your devices. You don’t have to specifically use one device everywhere you go since Evernote tends to help you work on other devices using your personal information as you would when you are at home.

images (2)

You can work on your home desktop or laptop at home and with the help of Evernote get to continue with your work at your workplace without having to worry about carrying your laptop to work. The app also helps you to organize your work, photos among other files that may be in one of your personal devices.

The beauty of Evernote app is that you can install it on your mobile phone meaning you will find it easy getting to access your information from anywhere to due to the high portability rate of your mobile phone. Such apps are the kind of apps being used by many people all over the world in an effort to make tasks less complicated.

I loved Evernotes interface & used it often until I realized their terms that they can use & modify any of your data. very disappointing & not worth it for loss of ownership of my data & privacy. Anyway, Evernote is a fantastic app.